Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Alone/ alone and all all alone

(This poem was written by a close friend of mine)

And once I knew a certain someone
Who stood alone/ alone and all alone
And though he had many a friends
It always looked like he was making amends
And once I knew a certain someone
Who stood by corners all day long
And when the night would stir along
He would sing his woe-filled song
And once I knew a certain someone
Who saw right through a persons lie
But what the others didn’t know
Was that his was lie that would never show
And once I knew a certain someone
Who conquered all that he came across
But little did he know just then
Someone was coming to conquer his den
And do once I knew a certain someone
Who believed in all but him
But when she came passing by
He was elated but didn’t know why
Once I knew a certain someone
Who smiled at every word I said
But possession took the better of him
And guilt but filled him to the brim
And once I knew a certain someone
Who took his last breath and cried to me
‘I loved to the I could
And gave you the best of what I am’
And now I know certain someone
Who stood alone/ alone and all all alone
Thinking many may come and many may go
But this dream will live on forever
And so now I know a certain me
Who’s under a mask that no one can see
But little as they know I’m alone as can be
Alone, alone all all alone and the world to see
Now I know a certain me
Whose just as alone as me
- By Mukta Jayanth Kumar

Monday, January 7, 2008


My armour
Has lost its shine
Gone are the days
Of glory untold

There used to be times
When one was missed
But now it changed
When you ain’t even known

The charismatic figure
Has sunken itself
To become no less
But a Charlie in himself

They came
Time and again
For a glimpse
And away they went

But those were the days
When they could not
And to come none at all
Was indeed rare

So here I am
My chaplet dethroned
None are gone
Yet I stand alone

For my armour
Has lost its shine
And gone are the days
Of glory untold

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Beginning the new year with a BANG

Well, each of you must have had a rather fun filled arrival into the new year. Me too had something similar, just underlining the fact that the bang was with a pedestrian who did not know how to cross the street. I picked up my friend from her place just a few moments back. And then we were on our way to do some birthday shopping. On the way in a complete 90 degree turn, i went and crashed into a guy. And then his hand was run over by a car tyre. They pulled the car back. And i was in my full fury. The guy was shouting at me, as if he did not know to cross at such interjunctions and that too when cars were moving from three different directions. But being as i am, i took him immediately to the hospital, dressed his wounds, gave him injection and even took him out for a drink. And also took him back to his place. the guy was not able to argue with me after this. I think he understood his mistake, and said, "Thank you", while i dropped him at his place. Sometimes i think this world is not completely lost of humanity. But there were his friends waiting for him at his place. I told them that everything was solved between us, and the guy himself restrained them from coming towards me. And then i sped of, knowing of one fact - i was actually hurt, and if i did not lie with my head tilted upwards, my nose would surely start bleeding. And here i am at my office, sitting before writing this live news staring up at the ceiling for almost an hour. So, folks, crackers did not do it for me, a broken nose, a show of respect and some birthday shopping still pending creates my new year start.