Saturday, May 17, 2008


(Maybe she's gone through the same shit. A possible pardoxical expression of life for putting up with so much. My friend Mukz, at her best again...)

Why is it all about mistakes?
Will there ever be a world beyond?
Where love prevails and evil fails
Will there ever be a heaven on earth?

Will there be a man acknowledged
for being rich at heart and pure in soul?
With cures for heal and pity to feel
Will there ever be a heaven on earth?

Will there be a bird that flies
far in to the skies, far away from cries?
Without its wings folded, or clipped away
Will there ever be a heaven on earth?

by - Mukta Jayanth


It’s been long since I have written anything here. Maybe its high time I came back to being my old self. Well 2008 has been a mixed year for me all this while. Beginning October last year I though that I was having a dream run. The thing about dreams is, they don’t last long. In the same manner it did not last long enough for me. At the start of October, I had a job, had a gal who loved me to the deepest, ma dad was back home, happy family, everything seemed too perfect. Too perfect, like as if it was the calm before the storm. And just as it was predicted the storm arrived, in the process of me doing stupid things. Things have not been good ever since. And so, the run to 2008 has bought along everything and anything that can be classified as nothing less than failure. The will that stood by me when everything else seemed to be lost was also given up. There has not been a day that has seen me wake up to being a happy self.
My room’s in a mess. The fan needs cleaning. My tables messed up. If I am doing something, then it is on the computer, either browsing the net, chatting with my friends, listening to music, watching some sitcom, watching some movie or some other thing that is not gonna help me in the future in no matter what way possible. My food intake has also been messed up. Even though I tried to head to the gym, after ma mom head off to spend the holidays with ma dad, that has also taken a backstage. I don’t know where ma old self is. Like it’s said, lost in the annals of history somewhere, somehow. But there is also the option of going back someday. But the question still remains – when?