Saturday, September 27, 2008

the shower cubicle incident

This happened during our tenth grade. We were all on a tour from the school. The tour included places like Thekkadi, Idukki, Munnar and all the scenic places in and around it (now for those of u people who must be thinking – “where the hell are all these place?”, try typing these names into wikipedia – u’ll understand that Kerala in South India is better to be called God’s Own Country (a.k.a GOC)[presumably])

So yeah as we were saying, we were quite a number of students on the tour. This particular incident happened when we stayed over at Idukki at a place called Greenland lodge. We had to stay over for the night. Coz we had seen enough sites for the day, and we were to head for our next destination the coming morning.

It was a fun night I tell you. We had a huge dormitory. Some guys were lucky enough to get rooms (which was shared among four of them). But it was more fun in the dorms. There was the occasional trying out new stuff (like – “hey who’s smoking in here?” - yeah … yeah… I know we were young… but we had to try it out). So after much hullaboo and a lot of fun later –

We never even knew when the sun shone on our faces. It was freezing cold out there. [again for the one’s who haven’t been to GOC, let me give u this – this place is our very own high altitude place ;)].

We were all asked to get ready by the two teachers who accompanied us. One a male (for the boys) and the other a female (you know it – for the gals). The male sir was our moral studies teacher – Mr. Subhan Babu (a.k.a. SB) [he was seriously fun I tell u, a real cool guy] I seriously can’t remember who the lady teacher with us was. Now the girls were provided with well to do wash facilities, and most importantly bathrooms with doors and latches on them. While we boys were royally shown the way to our imperial bath suites – an open locker room kind single bathroom outlets with no doors and just curtains for doors.

So one by one we took chances to get bathed. There were like around 5 shower outlets, and so five of us were engaged at the same time. There was this one guy among us, called Shinaan. Now this guy is a laugh riot, and you wouldn’t even know when time passes by when he is around. So as I was saying. He got into the shower cubicle. He turned on the shower, that is when it hit him – he’d forgotten to take body wash. He ran (obviously with a towel around his waist) and made it to the dorm, rummaged through his luggage, got the thing that he was looking for, and made it back to the shower cubicle.

But alas, somebody had already gotten in. The curtains were closed. And somebody was taking a shower. Now Shinaan had been waiting in queue for long to take a bath. And when by chance he got it to himself, somebody took it over. This couldn’t happen. Shinaan went ballistic. He shouted to the person inside the shower cubicle – "Hey asshole! Get the beep out of the beep shower. I’ve been waiting in here for beep time and you beep take it all away. beep you!!! beeper beep beeping beeper!!!" (the beeps are censored words)

Suddenly Shinaan finds that whoever the person inside it was, had turned off the shower. And then a familiar voice came from inside – “Shinaan if you have finished, you can please move aside. You might not want to face me when I come out.

Yes, it was Mr. Subhaan Babu. A lot of morality was taught to him I guess in that single day.


fathima said...

HAW HAW HAW...dis is hillarious i rlly do wana meet dis dude!!!

Meera Vijayann said...

haha..makes me wish I was still in school. Sigh.

nishath said...

its lolz... every time i wanna think of something funny, this day is what comes into ma mind at first...

even i miss school.. the dumb things we did, the fun that we had... we were who we were then...

ReTRoSpEcTs said...

its funny how everytime i miss skool i end up reading this article in ur blog!
i really do wish i was back at skool where sometimes.....everything made sense and i felt "institutionalised"!!!

Jane Borges said...

Nish vert subtly presented....there is a lot to your teaches you some nice lessons....Shinaan is lucky he learnt it from an maker of an'institution' (SB) and not the insitution