Sunday, February 1, 2009


mj wrote:

Its funny to think about the effect that some people can have on you. They effect you in such a way that you never know how you're going to react to it and thats what surprises you about yourself!
Someone wise told me that all you need to survive in this world are a hard heart, the ability to 'kiss-ass', a competitive spirit and tons of ambition. Now someone please correct me if im wrong- Napoleon was poisoned; Caesar was stabbed; Hitler committed suicide and even Mahatma Gandhi though different from all these 'so-called qualities' was assassinated.
So now there are only two conclusions: 1: The person who told me was completely dumb and 2: You never know what life is going to throw at you so give up trying to be completely ready because life is something that happens to you after you have made all your fool-proof plans!

i answered :

there is a contradictory notion in what you have written and i am glad that i have got this platform to comment upon it... you begin by telling that someone wise told u so and so... but then at the same time you say the person is dumb... this is amply confusing...

now then the names you have mentioned before... all these people that you have mentioned in the list are all the biggest ass kissers in the world...i even include the mahatma in this... (hope no one takes this into offense) they would not have reached there where they have reached if they hadn't kissed... i totally agree with the fact they were poisoned, stabbed, assassinated or killed themselves... but have u wondered why? don't u think the power they had at hand was more than they could handle... in a small way don't u think a little enthusiasm over the board made them lose the way? (i am barring the Mahatma from all this, k?) i mean if they were to have a little control of themselves... then they could have ruled over this world... such people don't survive... personally kissing ass people make it into the real world... but one who can kiss ass and keep their mouth shut survive in this world... sadly though gratefully neither napolean, caesar or hitler was able to do that... so point to be noted...

and who speaks abt life? no one knows whats in store for them... but one has to know how to brace urself... u get thrown in the sea? what do u do? u thrash around... you move ur arms and legs... u work till u teach urself how to swim... it's always like that... i don't think anyone would have planned on their life in any way... even the so called "wise dumb" person would say that... coz life is what we thought yesterday that is today and today that is tomorrow... full of surprises... hope i've made the point clear out there as well...

and as for the writing... i think i've already told u abt the crisper aspect... write on... ;)

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