Saturday, November 21, 2009


Sax: Do you cry?
Me: Yes I do.

But why?

There are a number of things I miss.

I miss the smell of fresh earth after a brief spell of rain. All I can smell now are the asphalt road, cemented gullies and overflowing drains. And I cry.

I miss the late night coffee mom makes after dinner. Now I drink water – mineralized and chlorinated, I think I hear the walls of my wall erode. And I cry.

I miss the cold wind on my face as I drive through NH17. Here, I move at the speed of snail, unaware of the man pushing men to meet ends needs. And I cry.

I miss the warmth of friends, embracing each emotion as being their own. At present, I wait every night, hoping for a virtual hug over optical cable and satellite signals. Not warm. But someone cares. And I cry.

I miss the solitude of the blue room. I miss the redwood bed. I miss the green gdrej. I miss the antique computer. I miss the world map covered table.
I miss home. I miss love. I cry.


₣ẩTẩL:Θ:ίאśŧIא©T said...

nishath nizar, even i hav my table coverd wid world map..
even i miss da aftrnoon nap
but i dnt cry.. i dont. u knw Y?
coz da tears dried out b4 thngs flash b4 my eye...!

Naimika said...

aawww maann...!!!i sure noe how dat feels...!!!...but here's anoder warm hug frm me...but again over optical cables n satellite signals..but i do care..!!!luv ya..!

nishath said...

@ saira - we are coincidences galore... true gal... sometimes its a lil too difficult to get them out...

@ naims - the hug was more than just warm gal...:) love...:*

Jane Borges said...

Nishath my friend... I love the fact that you are man enough to accept the fact that you cry. All these tears will transform into pearls soon :)

nishath said...

Insha Allah...

ReTRoSpEcTs said...

you are home kid!

the quirky said...

hugs hugs hugs hugs!!we miss you too!!!:(