Friday, November 19, 2010

A Letter

I wrote this long back i guess. Don't know when it was or for whom. One of those days when the teacher asked you to write an essay is my closest guess. ;)

Dear Keith,

It’s been long since I heard from you. Actually pretty much a very long time. So how are you doing there? I heard that you are coming down to India this fall, for your higher studies. So that’s what this letter is mainly going to contain. I have to tell you what you can expect from here. It’s not your first time here I guess. But how old were you when you visited this place? Five, six? Well leave that, let me tell you a little about the wonder that is India.

Nowadays, it’s not the India of the books of the old days that you get to see. India is far from my dreams. Even though I live down in a village, all is changed and pretty much all modernity has crept into everyone’s life. But certain problems still remain as it has been since long back. Like drinking water, drainage and some roads here and there. Otherwise this is pretty much like any other country. You have fields full of working people, and at the same time high storey buildings with white collar jobs. You have bullock carts on the road, and at the same time you have the high end cars rolling way faster than them. One can find a lot of contrasting features once you land in India. That is what makes this a wonderful place to live in. For a feel of the old in the new, India can do more than wonders into letting you get into that feeling. Maybe you might find the stench of the gutters unbearable, but at the same time you cannot forget the fact as to how many people live in this small sub continent – being the second most populous country in the world. The amenities may not be sometimes up to the standards, but the love of the people at hand is rather immense and the support you get from them can forward you anywhere in the world.

I have been trying to give you a rather slim picture of India in these few words. Hope you have got a better understanding about the country of the Akbar’s, Asoka’s, Mahatma’s, Tata’s, Tendulkar’s and so many more. Looking forward to seeing you at the earliest, say my hi to everyone out there and take care.

Saying so
Your best friend

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