Sunday, November 21, 2010

Waking up to the call

i was unearthing my past digital records and i came across this essay, once again for some assignment most probably.

“Life is a festival only to the wise. Seen from the nook and chimney side of prudence, it wears a ragged and dangerous front.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Humanity is what man requires from the society, but most of the time he is denied of it. The long history of man from the barbaric age to the present modern world is a history of how evil won over good, and how evil wishes and actions got the better of peace loving people. Crime has thrived from the days of Adam and Eve. Even today it is as conscious as it was then. And the levels of crime have also increased manifold. It is just not crime relating to humanity. There are crimes aimed at technology, country, animals and even nature. And what do we do about it? Just talk, let other people know about it, while crime has a steady climb. It’s high time we reacted. If we do nothing about it, then who knows, crime might rule over us pretty soon, like the nightmarish democracy of the fictional Gotham City. The time is now and the action is immediate.

So what can the common man like us do about it? Well for starters, we need to clear the world of the evil it has at the moment, and then see to it that it does not resurrect itself. And this needs to begin from the bottom level of society, maybe somewhere around the community level. We could have less of moral policing and more of criminal policing. Instead of seeing what culture is being followed or who is doing what, one has to see that other anti-social elements that function in the shadow of such availabilities don’t escape. One can have public – police interactions at least once a week. They can suggest to each other as to how the place can be made safer. Sometimes people are scared to report anything to the police with the question as to whether they will be targeted by the criminals for just opening their mouths. So for such informants, the police needs to create enough anonymity, so that anyone can call in to report any crime without fear. Community policing is another ideal manner to tackle this problem. This can lessen the burden on the police, as well as give the satisfaction to the public that there is at least someone whom they know around them to protect them. Thinking of ideas, there are more than a million at hand. But those lie in the minds of the public out there. More of awareness classes to bring forward people into giving out new ideas should also be conducted.

But without personal involvement we may not be able to reach anywhere, because as Pubillius Syrus, the Latin writer once said – “You yourself are guilty of a crime when you don’t punish a crime”. So strap up some courage, and say no to crime and criminals. This provides us with a safer future and a better society.

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