Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Got An Incomplete List To Complete Before I Say I Do

I mean how much more hilarious could life be? You have people getting married left, right and centre. What is it with people and getting married so young? Well with the kind of things happening around us, I believe that they are taking the Mayan belief that 2012 sure is the end of the world (courtesy my buddy Ashwin Gopinath - yeah we discussed this seriously idiotic topic and why people can't just go suicidal instead of getting married). But c’mon now, does that mean you get married even before you get a job, even before you can stand on your two feet, even before you’ve seen the world, before you’ve even had a hangover or two? You know what it is? It is ridiculous? Now don’t tell me that you’ve done all that even before your 23rd birthday. And no I’m not being jealous nor am I being stupid. But that’s the deal people. You got so much more to do. If it were me, this would be a list of things to do before I hang my heart out:

  1. Take a road trip to Ladakh
  2. Hike across the Himalayas
  3. Get wet in the rains of Cherapunji
  4. Be in a band (again) and play to an audience equal to that of the number of people out on the street during India’s Cricket World Cup win
  5. Gift Dad and Mom a foreign holiday for their anniversary
  6. Drive MY car around one of the two drive-in beaches in India
  7. Enjoy the littlest moments (a promotion, a raise, an award – it can be frikking anything – even your first swim with sharks) with your friends, no matter how busy any of them are
  8. Put a smile on the face of everyone who cares for you and not
  9. Get a book published (which is almost partially fulfilled ;))
  10. Grow my hair long (It’s been like this unfulfilled wish for so long! ;))

And so much more people. So much more. If I continue with this list, I don’t think i’ll be able to finish it anywhere now. It might even take me time until my bachelorhood finishes, thereby guaranteeing that I will still have so many things to do before I get hitched. As for 2012, I tell, bring it on. I can wait. As long and as peaceful as I want.


Akanksha Saxena said...

You sure you wana grow your hair long? omg!!! u will have to change your precious 4 rupees comb when you get a hair-do like that. bahahahahahahahahhahaahahhaah!!!!

mj said...

swim with the sharks??? really???

nishath said...

@ sax - tu mere liye khareed lena badi kangi!
@ mj - kuch bhi ho sakta hai!

Vishnu said...

Man... Hiking the himalayas..?? are you serious..?? Is it like what Freeman says in the bucket list, witness something truly majestic.?? hehe
you never know man, when you see her all dressed up on the day of the marriage, may be you will experience something like that.. as you said, kuch bhi ho saktha hein.. ;-)

nishath said...

Heavy stuff dude! Super heavy. But i'd give a pass to that for the real experience, i truly want to witness the majestic!