Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Blogger's Observation

I think sequels don't work. I was trying out the new interface of Blogspot (which is super awesome to say the least), and found the stats page as available on Wordpress. When i checked on which was my most read post i found that my blog post - The Nomad That Is Me - Part 1 (The Story Of My Homes), had the most hits, while the subsequent posts on the same, saw far fewer readers. It was like comparing my posts to the norms of Hollywood - the first is always good, the sequels - eh. What was more disturbing was to find out any similar post, which goes beyond 2 sequels tend to bomb badly (sadly The Nomad That Is Me - Part 4 (The Story Of My Homes) was my worst sequel ever considering it never even made it to the top ten list.) So what have we learned here?

  • Stick to originals.
  • If you plan to do sequels, don't go beyond two.
  • If you think this post will increase hits to my earlier blog posts - tough luck.
  • Don't go pop culturing yourself.


Advanced Version said...

Lovin' the last random point that pretty much substantially modifies the seriousness of the whole blog post.

Sequels can be great though: there are a few sequels on "Doctor Who" that I'm impressed by, and "Harry Potter" is a great example of successful sequels.

nishath said...

Advanced Version - I guess Doctor Who could be an exception, but Harry Potter? Seriously? I do not think so.