Sunday, November 30, 2014

I am glad I had this year

Just a month to go before the end of the year and I still can’t believe that I haven’t written a single word on this blog. Like a lot lost this year, I think this labour of love too has gone to waste. 
I think it has a lot to do with the year. Have you ever had a year when you simply hated and loved it for some reason? 2014 was that year for me. It has been the topsiest-turviest time of my life ever, yet.
Again I emphasize on the use of the word ‘yet’, because just when you think life couldn’t get any sweeter or worse, something to its extreme happens.  But all through this, you are subject to a lot of life lessons. I have learned mine. I am glad I had this year.
Thanksgiving just passed by. Although an American tradition, I believe each of us should have a thanksgiving ever year. We do not take the time to appreciate the itty-bitty details of life. I have given thanks in silence and else to them those who matter. I am glad I had this year.
We have been blinded by our own privileges. Until tragedy strikes or the untoward happens we stick to the pattern, accepting everything in a devil-may-care attitude. At my worst self, I had support I never felt before, reassuring all is never lost. I am glad I had this year.
It was a good year to cut out on those souls who you made it a point to stay in touch, but didn’t bother about anything else but them. I’ve learnt to give and receive nothing. I am glad I had this year.
Families come in all shapes and sizes. The year which began with the small world of ours has grown bigger, warmer and brighter. It has just reaffirmed my belief in love, faith and trust. I am glad I had this year.
I am not a person anymore. I am a ‘we’. Life hasn’t altered, planets haven’t misaligned and the world is as wonderful as ever. I am glad I had this year.
No matter the good or the bad, you know you have moved on. You have had your experiences, frustrations, exultations – but none of that matters until you thank your stars and say I am glad I had this year.


Jane Borges said...

I am glad you had this year too. The ups and downs you had through the year make you someone I reckon with have crossed through the deepest and farthest of oceans brusied and hurt once, but whose faith and powerful spirit could never once be conquered. You are your own hero of 2014. We are proud of that as much as you are.

nishath said...

Thank you for being there Jaaney!

Anonymous said...

hi... i dont know who you are.. but im an alumni of Hill top.. long ago.. i would like to know the whereabouts of bharthi miss. do you have? i really love and admire her...